Meet Parelli Kidz: Asha Cass

1-Star Parelli Professional Sylvia Hurlbatt nominated her 13 year old student, Asha Cass, from Western Australia to be one of our featured Parelli Kidz.  Sylvia says Asha, who is an official Level 2 graduate, is “just the best student ever, she’s like a sponge – soaks up all things Parelli and reproduces them.  She is such a pleasure to teach.  I am especially proud of the fact that Asha, as she doesn’t receive much financial support from her family, has been on a mission to pay for her horse herself ($2500!) by busking on her guitar at her local shopping centre, and raising funds by selling unwanted tack, etc.”

We love celebrating kids who are having success with the Parelli Program, especially kids like Asha who are so dedicated to achieving their dreams with horses!  Asha answers some questions about her journey with horses.  


What do you love about horses? What I mainly love about horses is that they show us humans how friendship is not just all fun and games but requires a blend of dedication, respect, love, self-confidence and trust. They give us the freedom that we cannot provide ourselves. They also show us that being in a partnership should mean having an equal amount of power towards one another in a friendly and confident manner.

Tell us a bit about your favorite horse. Well I only have one horse, but for me one is enough! Her name is Ariel and she is an energetic, cheeky ten-year old Anglo-Arab. She is a very quick learner as for the past three years she has been doing a variety of different and challenging activities; groundwork, jumping, galloping, trail-riding, swimming and Liberty. She is very well known around the neighborhood for her beautiful looks and expressive personality.

What is your favorite thing to do with your horse? I love riding around the reserves that are located just behind our home, playing at Liberty and On Line groundwork in the arena, going for long gallops on the properties located near our trails and just going for swims on sunny days. Although if I had to pick my favorite thing to do with Ariel I think it would be spending time sitting with her in the paddock, talking to her and observing her movements and emotions. I believe that you can learn a lot from simple things like that.


How has Parelli helped you with your horse? Parelli for me is no longer just a horsemanship method but has become my way of life. Without Parelli my horse and I wouldn’t have the bond and knowledge we have nowadays. The way Ariel and I handle situations that arise today wouldn’t have even crossed my mind a couple of years ago. The refinement in the Parelli program has made our daily routines look smoother, more effortless and a ton more savvy!

What have you learned from Parelli? What I have learnt is that when you are working with a horse there is a lot more than just riding it or getting it to go over a few logs or poles. The foundation that you and your horse form should and will take time and effort. Although once your foundation is made with the basics to produce a relationship between you and your horse that has all the qualities a good horseman needs, you can make the impossible, possible. “Take the time it takes, so it takes less time!” -Pat Parelli

What is your dream with horses? Well I’m always told by family and friends that no dream is too big, so I dreamt big. My ultimate goal with horses is to become the youngest Parelli Instructor in Australia, if I work hard and achieve the goals I set, maybe even the world. I believe that anyone at any age can achieve what they want if they set their mind to it. I have good success coaches, a supportive family, a keen to learn horse and a determined attitude. To be honest, I don’t know what else could make goals any more progressive than that!

Tell us about one of your favorite memories with horses. Well I can think of many, but I think one of my favorite memories is when I was finally able to ride a loose rein. It was the day after the Parelli performance had taken place at the state equestrian centre. I was inspired by how fluent and refined Pat, Linda and the Parelli Professionals worked, played and rode their horses. The way they suggested ideas to their equine partners and were calm and relaxed 100% of the time they were performing made me realize how much more I could explore in the saddle when depending on my own seat and body movements. I started slow at a walk, using my lateral flexion, indirect and direct rein. Working on those three elements all throughout the time I was riding took a lot of patience but by the end of the session I was riding on the buckle at a canter!



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    What an astonishing young horseperson Asha is.
    It proves once more that the relationship with your horse is everything. She will go to high places with her ability and knowledge she already has acquired through the Parelli coaching program. I look forward to hearing of Asha’s progress into the future.

  2. Nice story! I love to see kids accomplishments! Are 1-star professionals allowed to teach mounted lessons now?

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