A Parelli Saddles Tutorial (Also, There’s A Special Offer at the End)

Letitia Shim Video snapshot

This video and write-up comes to us from Parelli Saddles, one of our Parelli Partners. Art and Letitia Glenn have been developing great saddles for Parelli students for years, and we’re happy to share what they’ve been up to recently. Take it away, Letitia!

For nearly 15 years, we’ve been focused on researching and developing the best possible saddle tools on the planet for the well-being of horses and the people who love them. Our discoveries continue to include ways to simplify our instructions for the most effective utilization of the saddles, pads, and shims we provide.  We want you to see just how easy it is to set yourself and your horse up for success.

Last week, some curious Parelli students showed up at our summer camp and asked for an impromptu tutorial about basic shim position principles with an explanation of why they work so well. We caught it on video (thank you in advance for tolerating the informal presentation shot on iPhone, along with Letitia’s wrinkled shirt and dirty jeans, and a cute 5-yr old AR Left-Brain Extrovert horse being, well, playful). Here’s the result:

We’re eager to enable you to feel confident about how to set your saddle up easily for the rides of your dreams. Please let us know if this video helped you! Meanwhile: click here to read details about our September Savvy Summit Special: One FREE Smart Pad with the purchase of any new saddle or custom order!


  1. Oh! I didn’t realize you had an english half pad! This is just what I have been looking for for my mare. She is well sprung through the ribs and shoulder making the full parelli pads a bit too much bulk. Love to try the half pad :)

  2. The pad here does not look like or function like the pad for sale on the Parelli Web shop. I was tempted to buy one now I am lost.

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