Krämer Mega Stores Open House – A good day for Parelli in Berlin


This post comes to us from a fantastic group of horsemen and women! It was a collaborative effort from 3-Star Parelli Instructor Klaudia Duif and her husband, Thomas; Parelli Instructor Lance Minnick (currently on a Leave of Absence); and 1-Star Junior Parelli Instructor Tanja Bever. These four wonderful folks are co-owners of the Horsemanship Center near Berlin, Germany.

“The management of the Krämer Mega Stores were so nice to invite us to their open house day where we were given the chance to give an introduction into the Parelli program to an audience of about 200 people.

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Not only was the weather perfect and we were never hosted more nicely and professionally than by the Krämer team that day, but also the audience was very attentive and interested and we had many good conversations between our demos and encountered lots of open mindedness among the Berlin horse lovers.

It was a great day for Parelli in the Berlin region and the Horsemanship Center and lots of fun!”