Latest and Greatest Savvy Club Features

Latest and Greatest Savvy Club Features 9

Latest and Greatest Savvy Club Features
By Samantha Thorning

The latest and greatest Savvy Club features have arrived!  We couldn’t be more excited to share these long awaited updates with you, our valued members and friends.

When you log in to the Parelli Savvy Club at, you will first notice your updated Dashboard. Now, from your Dashboard, you can access Parelli Central, Pat Parelli, and Linda Parelli’s Walls; you will also be able to see the most recent posts to the Live Wall; and find a direct link to the Learning Library, your Events, Notifications, Recently Earned Badges, and the Parelli Levels Program. You will also notice that you can click into the new Horse Progress & Health Tracking located just below your horse’s name. Before we dive into the tracking components of the site, let’s visit the Live Wall.

Latest and Greatest Savvy Club Features

You can access the Live Wall by scrolling down on your Dashboard, and under Community News beneath the last post, you will see a button that says View Live Wall. Click that to go straight to the Live Wall. Or, go to your Wall, and now, there is an option to toggle between your personal Wall and the Live Wall.

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Visit the Live Wall to see what other members, Parelli Central, Pat, Linda, and Parelli Professionals are posting. Like their post or reply by choosing the thumbs up icon or comment button. Toggle between people’s Wall updates and Horse updates or view both at the same time! Write your own post for the Parelli Community to see, add links, photos, and even video by using the text box at the top of the Live Wall. You can also adjust privacy settings and decide which audience can see your post.

Latest and Greatest Savvy Club Features 3

From here, let’s check out the Horse Progress & Health Tracking (my personal favorite!). Click Progress or Health under your horse’s name to be taken to either the Progress or Health tracking page. From the Progress page, you can track your time spent in a session for each Level and Savvy with your horse. Add notes and even a photo so that you know exactly what you did together that day. Keep track of your goals, struggles, and triumphs here. Before you post, you can also select which audience can view it. From the Health page, you can track your farrier, vet, and holistic health care appointments. Use this as a log to keep track of what work your horse had done and when she’s due for her next appointment. As with all of the posts, you can choose which audience can see these health updates as well.

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The Solution Map for your horse can now be updated, downloaded, and posted to your Wall. Find your horse’s Solution Map by clicking on their profile circle and scrolling to the bottom of the page. There, you will see your existing map that was set up when you created your horse’s profile. Choose Post To My Wall to share this as an image on your Wall. Choose Download Map to save the map as a .PNG file.  Choose Update Map to change your challenges and goals for your horse. When you update your map, you will lose all previous selections, so be sure to save your map if you don’t want to lose that information.  When you update your Solution Map, you will be able to select one of 8 statements that will be true for yourself and your relationship with this horse, and as many goals and challenges as you have for this horse.


Latest and Greatest Savvy Club Features 10

You can also view the horse’s profiles of other members now. Let’s check out Parelli Central’s horse, Centralia!

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Let’s move on to the new and improved PDF viewer. You asked and we listened, and we think you’ll be pretty happy with the dramatic improvements here. Now, you can expand them, zoom in and out, print, and even download them to your phone or computer!

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We’ve upgraded the Playlists so that you can now add ANY video from the site to your Playlist and share it to your wall, another member’s wall, or a group.  Don’t forget that you can download your playlists to your mobile device, so you can access all of your favorite videos data-free or from the barn!

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Finally, we’ve uploaded several Tutorial videos to help get you started. Tutorial categories include Initial Setup, Parelli Levels Program, Community Features, Library and Playlists, and Technical Support. You can access the Tutorials from the site menu by selecting Resources > FAQ or from the Learning Library under the Browse by Archives ribbon. As always, if you have questions or need support within the membership, message us on Live Chat, which is accessible by clicking on the chat bubble at the bottom of your screen or from the site menu at the top.

Latest and Greatest Savvy Club Features 12

These awesome updates to the Savvy Club were inspired by YOU! We value your questions, suggestions, and feedback, so keep them coming. Reach out to us through your local office at or by emailing us at


  1. Thanks Samantha, good write up and thank you to your whole team for their massive effort, we really appreciate it :)

  2. We need this, with frequent reminders. Thank you for listening, and creating a better world for us one message at a time🐎

  3. I try to usually say usually but I’m beginning to see a pattern that I ALWAYS seem to have a reason to say THANKYOU! Parelli team!!! 😉
    You ask for feedback, you do listen and you implement in more than a timely manner! You are all Rock Stars!
    Thank you Pat and Linda for securing and fostering such a Savvy Tech Team! It makes for a better world for those of us trying to make the world better for horses :-)

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