Parelli Student Creates “All Ears Selfie” App

All Ears App

Leslie Khy, a Parelli student, developed a smartphone app called All Ears that allows horse people to take better photos of their horses by making noises that not only draw the attention of the horse, but also usually make the horse perk his or her ears forward.

Even before Leslie launched her app, she and her husband ran a photography business called Studio in the Stable. “After using horse sounds to get horse’s attention for our photo sessions,” said Leslie, “and a daily obsession with my horse Star, I thought ‘wouldn’t it be fantastic if we could use horse sounds to get your horse’s attention while taking pictures with your cell phone?’”

All Ears App 2

Within the app, there are a range of icons attached to different sound effects including a variety of horse whinnies, a mule braying, and the crunch of an apple as it is eaten. Pat’s mule Gigi inspired the mule icon within Leslie’s app. “I’ve been following Gigi ever since Pat got her,” said Leslie. “I wanted to include a mule, so I thought Gigi would be perfect!”

All Ears started out as just an idea, but then Leslie sketched out and designed a concept in Adobe Illustrator. “I worked with a great app developer who helped bring it all to life,” Leslie said. Star as well as the other equines that Leslie love inspired the icons and the sounds. “My husband and I recorded the sounds and are proud of the sound diversity the app offers!”

It’s not everyday that people meld their two passions in the way that Leslie has. Her passion for Parelli began when she watched her best friend playing with her horse Sonny. “Those two had the very best relationship I’ve ever seen,” Leslie said. “Watching them play always looked like so much fun, and they inspired me to try it.”

All Ears App 1

Leslie bought Star and then began learning the Seven Games and taking lessons from 2-Star Parelli Professional Juli Piovesan. Leslie recently passed her Level 1 Audition and hopes to try for Level 2 soon. “What I love most about Parelli is that everyone is so dedicated to putting the horse first,” said Leslie. “The Parelli community is like no other; everyone is always so willing to help lift each other up!”

Leslie is a true testament to the Parelli community in sharing her app with the rest of the horse world. Though the All Ears app is available for iPhone and Android users.

You can learn more about the All Ears app at the following links:

All Ears | Facebook | Instagram | App Store | Google Play Store


  1. Hi I really want to buy this app. I have tried so many times. It keeps saying my password isn’t correct. UG Help anyone how can I buy this for my Samsung?

  2. Hi Nancy!
    We can’t wait for you to try our app and are so sorry you’re having difficulties. Have you tried reseting your password?
    I hope this helps,

  3. Leslie, boy! did you hit the jackpot!

    I absolutely *love* this app. . .gonna get it asap. …

    Blessings all day long —

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