Pat Parelli’s Saddle is On the Road to the Land of Cheese and Mosquitoes

parelli saddle

Pat Parelli will be heading to The Horse First Farm in Brooklyn, WI this weekend for his two-day Western Performance Naturally Forum, and as you can see, his saddle is hitting the road a couple of days early! Our shipping department has taken on the responsibility of properly packing Pat Parelli’s personal portable saddle (sigh, there goes the alliteration) for perfect peak performance.

And don’t worry, dear Wisconsinite readers, the headline isn’t a diss – I’m originally from Wisconsin, and I visited last month. The mosquitoes truly are horrendous this year; from the bottom of my heart (out here in 80-degree, no humidity, bug-less, always-sunny Pagosa Springs), I’m very, very sorry.

And yes, in the event that you’d like to attend Pat’s Western Performance Naturally Forum (July 12 & 13) but haven’t secured your spot yet, just click on this link right here!

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